The Life Extension Podcast discusses current efforts to significantly extend human live spans beyond normal medical progress. Science & technology, philosophy, politics, and business are together weaving a new post human mythology about our individual and social existence. Episodes present cutting-edge biomedical research, the status of various longevity therapies, and progress in replacing, enhancing, and possibly overcoming human biology with artificial intelligence. We are looking at underlying questions of aging and death, the way how science-based promises are often indistinguishable from magical practices, what it means to be human in this new techno-scientific culture, and in what kind of society we are preparing to live in the future.

Dr B is my alias for this podcast. During my first career, I have been a manager in multinational corporations, with the responsibility to lead sales and manufacturing organizations in Asia, the Middle-East, Russia, the US, and a few other markets. Then I took a break, returning to university where I gained a PhD in social and cultural anthropology. My thesis was about utopian communities as a mirror of their respective societies. After completion that topic led me to create a co-living project, involving the building and management of large, shared flats for urban tribals. With this podcast I am now exploring the field of radical life extension, which clearly is not just about medical progress, but in a wider sense about digitization. The scientific, cultural, social, and business dynamics of this field are wildly exciting. I am producing this podcast with the consumer in mind, enabling informed decisions in a sea of opportunity and risk. Other commentators of this field focus on specific aspects only, mostly the tech side. They either repeat the marketing claims of interested parties, or they are full of skepticism. The value I try to bring to the consumer of everything related to radical life extension – products and therapies, political and spiritual ideas, as well as cultural practices – is to provide a sensible framework with grounded reference points when evaluating claims of the longevity industry and not get lost in this adventure.


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